About w$C

Wellness for Creatives promotes wellness and fitness to entertainment executives, influencers, venture philanthropist, and creatives to educate and implement non traditional, yet effective wellness strategies through creative programming and activations.

Wellness for Creatives (W$C) programs fitness activations and wellness events to reduce depression, anxiety, and stress amongst professionals working within creative industries. 

Through effective programming, W$Cā€™s mission is to help creatives inspire the world by first honoring themselves and their health.

About Byron

Wellness for Creatives was founded by Byron Linnell, a creative marketing and brand strategist and creative wellness accountability coach.

By day, Byron was responsible for elevating and executing a number of media entities, strategies, and celebrity-based talent initiatives within music, television, film, wellness-by night, Byron was suffering career burnout and depression. 

Wellness for Creatives now helps other creatives and adjacent executives find balance and foster networking amongst other creatives with the mission to prevent burnout, stress, anxiety, and depression, often associated with career-driven professionals.

Through fitness partnerships, wellness for creatives engages with members through storytelling, content, and social workouts designed culturally progressive millennials who value entertainment, fitness, holistic wellness - & what's happening in the world around them.