meet the creative

Had a chance to sit down with Joe Holder, creative director of smartbeats by Smartwater, to discuss how SmartWater is changing the health & wellness game.

Joe is also Nike Master Trainer, GQ Magazine's Wellness Guru, founder of Ochostyem and founder of non profit, @SystemOfService.

I challenged him to give us 3 tips on how to stay well, tune in to see his responses.



With fitness becoming a trend, few people have managed to adapt it into a lifestyle, yet Mayan Rajendran is one of them. The fashionable New Yorker by way of Canada not only owns and operates a creative agency, again&again, but is also equally credited as an art director, stylist, model, DJ, and more. His busy lifestyle is reflected into his latest capsule collection for his agencies in house brand, again.

Cooking with Friends
burgers with Alex hill (@justaddhotsauce_)

Whether she is cooking with friends or cooking for herself, Alex keeps it fun and creative.

Tag along as I go behind the scenes of Cooking With Friends Ep. 2!