#Smartbeats by SmartWater

On Monday, August 26, I was invited to the launch of smartbeats by smartwater event at Lightbox in New York City commemorating, a first-of-its-kind program designed to enhance holistic wellness through the fusion of music, technology and hydration.

Powered by sound technology app Endel, smartbeats by smartwater are soundtracks and soundscapes designed to enhance your flow, mental balance, get you to move or simply connect with friends.

Before the event I spoke with Smartwater’s Creative Director of Wellness Joe Holder and Partner and Founder of The Big Quiet Jesse Israel (coming soon!)

Joe Holder is not only creative director of smartbeats by Smartwater, but Nike Master Trainer, GQ Magazine's Wellness Guru, and Founder of Ochostyem and @SystemOfService.

I challenged him to give three tips on how to stay well — Watch him answer NOW!

Smartbeats by smartwater is available at drinksmartwater.com/smartbeats as well as on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.