Day With A Creative: Mayan Rajendran

With fitness becoming a trend, few people have managed to adapt it into a lifestyle, yet Mayan Rajendran is one of them. The fashionable New Yorker by way of Canada not only owns and operates a creative agency, again&again, but is also equally credited as an art director, stylist, model, DJ, and more. His busy lifestyle is reflected into his latest capsule collection for his agencies in house brand, again.


The FW19 line of sweatshirts and tees mirrors the comfort required when maintaining a a busy lifestyle, which often requires a level of cool and sophistication appropriate for the office, fitness studio, and bar.

We wanted to know how Mayan’s day to day inspired again&again, so we had him chronicle his day, which started at a row house class and ended at the Again launch party, which we attended!

Read how Mayan maintains his physique and lifestyle below then check out a few pictures from the collection and party.

People Know Me As:
”Mayan, who keeps busy.""

My day began at:
6 am

For breakfast I ate:
oatmeal with almond butter & protein powder, coffee with , green juice, 5 egg whites

My go to workout is:
HIIT Crossbody with low impact exercises 3x a week

My favorite lunch meeting spot is:
Lite Delight or Dil E Punjab

But for lunch I typically eat: *
A big green salad with mixed veges, chicken and a carb

Today I:

Before Row House Class -- I ate:
Black Coffee with a vanilla protein powder

My guilty snack is:
Ice Cream with fudge, cookies, peanut butter, brownies

The health fad that works:
Intermittent fasting

When I’m drinking my favorite drink is:
Tequila & Cabernet Sauvignon 

For dinner I ate:
 Salmon with Cauliflower Rice and Portobello mushrooms

My favorite fashion and fitness account:
@cleaneatz. I find it very interesting to hear about food and ingredients, their benefits and characteristics, and use that within my own kitchen.

When I’m traveling I stay on track with:
lots of vegetables, lots of protein, lots of water. But i still try to have a balance with what I want to indulge in. It’s not often that I get some of these dishes. 

The top three songs on my workout playlist right now are:
Dished - Purple Disco Machine
Inspector Norse - Todd Terje
Mo Bamba - Sheck Wes

Favorite activewear brand:

I love my job because:
It Always Surprises me

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Byron Edwards

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