who am I?

I am Byron Linnell, an average runner who turned my passion for running and fitness into a career in health and wellness as an RRCA certified run coach, NASM certified personal trainer, fitness event producer and wellness speaker.

what do I do?

Using running as a metaphor,  I invite individuals to join me for curated runs and workouts geared towards creatives, influencers and executives within the arts and entertainment.  Research and data has proven that entertainers, creators, influencers and executives within the arts and entertainment have a higher rate of burnout and stress; my mission is to help prevent burnout and promote wellness so the creators can create.

why do you do it?

Having worked in entertainment at top companies I experienced career burnout and suffered from stress-related illnesses, which I was able to manage through running, fitness and diet.

After achieving my fitness goals and discovering the benefits of stress reduction using fitness, I begun to share it with my network, which birthed RUN WITH B.

Where do you do it?

When I am not working, You can find me helping busy people navigate stress through wellness education and fitness events.  Stay tuned for future runs.