I was gearing up for my first Monday in New York and I wanted to workout. I had no idea where to start because my previous New York gym regimen was limited to solo runs in Central Park or workouts at the Harlem YMCA. I hit up a Thea Maxine of the T. Collective, which whom I met through mutual friends at Rally and she invited me to take her circuit class at Session (98 South 4th Street), which kicked my ass, but was just what I needed to get back in summertime shape.  Although it was 6:30 AM, the music was right, the crowd was cool, and the workout was fun. 

Monday's Signature Class with Thea was all about cardio and strength conditioning. I felt the workout from the moment the class finished and I've been back every day this week for more.  I've been making my way through their class schedule to feel out the studio and I'm impressed with how challenged I've been.

Thus far, I've tried Resistance, A workout focused on toning & strengthening with a high concentration on technique, with Instructor Pat, and Wednesday, I joined the SESSIONS staff on a run around Williamsburg as they prep for a Session Run Club.

Learn more about Session via their website and Instagram. Maybe I'll see you in a class.