The Waiting Game


For the past few weeks I've been told that good news regarding a job is coming my way and yes, I need it. Seven weeks ago, I quit my job, moved back to New York, and I've been sitting in my best friends house seven weeks too long, waiting. Somedays I'm patient, others I'm antsy, but none the less, I'm waiting.

While waiting, I decided to start running - again.  I've fallen off the past few weeks as I juggled waiting, a part time job, freelancing on entertainment projects, and going broke while invoices remain unprocessed. This new workout regimen is necessary, not just for my body, but because 60 minutes of cardio 5x a week plus an evening workout is what was needed for my mind.


Today's run was my first hour of steady running since my half marathon in April, so I had no set pace, nor speed, just a goal to finish.  At the 27 minute mark I was waiting for my run to be over - I stopped, let a tourist take a picture of me, and contemplated enjoying a long walk. Remembering why I started I vowed to finish, but for the next 33 minutes I decided to not wait for it over, but practice patience and gratitude as I finished my remaining miles.

While running I realized that using the term "waiting" fostered negative vibes; while I wait you feel stagnant and unproductive. Essentially, the first three miles I was running and waiting, so although I was moving, I felt as if I were going nowhere and wanted it to be over.  This was how I have been feeling for the past seven weeks; I've been waiting for good news, devaluing the good that has been happening to me and around me. The fact that I've been capable of waiting for a job this long reminded me how tied to Corporate America I used to be and how free I have become.

For the next four miles I ran along the piers of the Hudson River, ducked backed through Wall Street, made away back across the Brooklyn Bridge, and ended at Brooklyn Pier Park.  I stopped waiting for my run to be over and finished my run practicing patience, which felt amazing.

By changing my mindset I immediately began to appreciate the wait and started enjoying the view.  I'm even excited about tomorrow's 60 min of cardio.






Byron Edwards