Running The Rock Ranch


I've learned enough about myself to know that when working and traveling I have to run, even if it's just two miles. Without a run, I'm confused, irritable, and prone to overthinking an entire project.

I spent the part of the week at The Rock Ranch in The Rock, GA, which is beautiful and owned by the Chick-Fil-A family, but an hour and a half away from The City of Atlanta, decent food, and suitable cell service.  I was hired by The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation to manage on-site press for The Steve Harvey Mentoring Camp.  I made sure to pack running shoes and manage my anxiety surrounding the project with a run around the property.


While I can bear sun and heat, I'm not a fan of mosquitos or live animals, which were all very abundant at The Rock Ranch, and my run came to a halt when a cow stared me down.  Although, the cow won the battle, I happily ran back to safety.  Since I was running happy, I suppose I won the war.

Byron Edwards