Brooklyn Yoga Club


My guru invited me to yoga at Brooklyn Yoga Club, a popular Yoga studio in Clinton Hill. I'm not a fan of a yoga because it hurts, but I enjoy it because I know I need it. With running and strength training it's common for me to have tight muscles so I need to practice to stretch them out.

My first class was $22 and new member are required to either attend the  Wednesday night or Sunday morning Beginner’s Led

I was a bit taken aback that the first session wasn't free, but I'm not a fan of Yoga to the People's inexpensive, yet overcrowded classes.  Kind of like a nightclub, BYC's $22 cover and restricted access put me at ease. I hate to workout with people who don't take it seriously; raising the price typically helps do that. 

I'm not one to rate studios, instructors trainers; unless they are terrible. My yoga instructor was really good, meaning that she left me alone when I didn't want to be bothered,  help me correct form, and modified poses that I couldn't attempt.

I would later google the club and realize it's a favorite of a few Hollywood Brooklynites, so the price point made sense.  It was no notables in my class, but watching Gwenyth Paltrow in a yoga session would be worth the money.

Would I go back? Yes. Have I gone back?  No.