I am a creative wellness accountability coach with a mission to prevent burnout, stress, anxiety, and depression, often associated with career-driven professionals, through fitness partnerships, group runs, and circuit training programming.

by day, i am a creative marketing and brand strategist having developed a unique eye on a culture that has contributed to elevating and executing a number of media entities, strategies, and celebrity-based talent initiatives within music, television, film, wellness.

I wouldn’t be CAPABLE of doing what I do if I didn’t invest in my passion for wellness and running through Run With B x wellness for creatives, my personal brand that promotes wellness and fitness to people such as myself - entertainment executives, influencers, venture philanthropist, and creatives.

With a front row seat to their lifestyle, I promote Wellness For Creatives, a wellness initiative created to educate and implement non-traditional, yet effective wellness strategies for fashion and entertainment executives, celebrities, and influencers.

with insight into how influencers move, I engage with clients through storytelling, content, and social workouts for culturally progressive millennials who value entertainment, fitness, holistic wellness - & what's happening in the world around them.