wellness for creatives (w4c) creates social workouts, storytelling narratives, and content, for culturally progressive millennials who value entertainment, fitness, holistic wellness - & what's happening in the world around them.

wrc was created by byron linnell edwards, a creative consultant wellness accountability coach, with a mission to prevent burnout, stress, anxiety, and depression, often associated with career-driven professionals, through fitness partnerships, group runs, and circuit training programming.

a creative marketing and brand strategist for over 10 years, byron battled career burnout, depression, and anxiety through workouts and group runs — his passion for wellness and running through “Run With b,” a personal brand that promotes running and fitness, led to w4c designed with entertainment executives, influencers, venture philanthropist, and creatives in mind.

With a front row seat to their lifestyle, Wellness For Creatives, reaches creatives where they are and implement non-traditional, yet effective wellness strategies for fashion and entertainment executives, celebrities, and influencers.